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The following are questions many people have asked us followed by the Biblical truth in accordance
with the Word of God.


Which Bible Translation is Best?

Can one who commits suicide be saved?

What does the Bible say about ghosts / hauntings

Does the Bible take a position on clairvoyance and parapsychology

Is it acceptable to repeatedly pray for the same thing?

Does God require me to give a tithe of all I earn?

Do all religions lead to God?

Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters?

Where Was God On September 11?

How can I trust God when I am facing unemployment, foreclosure, or bankruptcy?

Examples of Apostasy in the Christian Church

The Coming of World Peace

When was Jesus born?

Should women be pastors and elders?

What are the signs that a church is becoming secular?

Why should I attend church?

Did Jesus ever go to hell to fight a battle?

What does the Bible says about cremation?

What happens when a person dies, where does their soul go?

Is it right for a Christian to practice yoga?

Is there a difference between Christianity and Islamic Doctrine?

What is the Glory of God?

What Happens To People Who Have Not Heard The Gospel? Will They Go To Hell?

Does the Bible require people to be members of a church?

Is it wrong for a Christian to have a ministry not under a pastor?

How can I have the mind of Christ?

Is it okay for a Christian to use Acupuncture?

What is Good Friday?

What is Easter Sunday?

Why does God allow sickness?

What does the Bible say about gay marriage/same sex marriage?

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